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silver immersion, llc

On-Location Hair + Makeup

Show the world how beautiful you are!


Guidance and a ready listening ear are here to help!


You need...

A stylist that understands what you want and gives suggestions without pressure

A look that is curated to take your individual personality into consideration

A place that celebrates all the diversity in beauty


Hair + makeup curation to highlight you unique, one of-a-kind beauty


services we offer

We offer hair and makeup on-site and in our studio in Catonsville, MD for just about any occasion you could imagine. But many of our clients fall into 3 main categories where we serve them most often. Don't hesitate to ask if you have a different kind of event!



Your big day is important and so you should feel pampered and relaxed. We take care of you and your entire group at your location or ours. We celebrate all kinds of love and everything that what makes you unique Let's use hair and makeup as a way to express who you are inside.



You show your awesomeness to the world through physical strength, determination, and sheer hard work on top of all the other things that make you a one of a kind. Capturing that in photos when you compete or to showcase online are a way to document your fitness journey. Hair and makeup make sure you’re ready for your close up!


Photo Shoots

Whether it’s boudoir, headshots, corporate branding, or lifestyle photography we’re here to support you showing up as the best version of yourself in front of the camera. Expressing yourself through photography can convey your message or feelings in a way you never expected.



You’re In The Right Place If…

You want to be the best version of yourself for your important moment and create an experience that feels like you through and through. If diversity and finding ways to be show your existing beauty are your thing. When being authentically you is the focus, you know that feeling beautiful and comfortable in the skin you’re in is always your goal. If you want to feel beautiful, laugh, and enjoy your entire beauty process from start, then we got you!

We May Not Be The Best Fit If...

You’re looking for a quick Insta-Brow inspired look with tons of contour and a stenciled on brow. We put a lot of time and effort into learning our craft and creating beautiful looks that are timeless, balanced, and customized for you. Quality don’t come cheap! If you’re not comfortable with talk around things like  equality and diverse standards of beauty then we are not the best fit for you. We believe in living our core values fully, so if any of them make you feel iffy, then I’d hate for you to be put off by our openness around them in our actions and verbiage.




We believe strongly in 5 core values for our clients, as well as our approach to life.

Here is our why and where everything begins and ends.



Standing in your truth of who you are and want to become is a beautiful thing. It is an act of courage to evolve freely and fully. Deciding that you won't deny your true feeling so you can live authentically in the light...this is bravery. I am in awe of those that won't be contained by society's ideals. I love the power and emotion in this. Putting it all out there for the world to see is a brave thing to do. To let the camera capture the emotions you're feeling in that moment is an amazing thing.




Believe in your inner passion so it may shine through.
Know that you are enough and unique in the best kind of way.
The special parts of you are what make you intriguing.




You are unique and we want to celebrate what makes you different. We cater to all hair textures and skin tones so everyone can enjoy the process. Every color that makes up the rainbow of beauty is embraced and revered here.




Everyone is treated with the same respect...all are more. No one is less. Every client is equal. We celebrate the variety in how your image is seen, shown, and felt.




You are unique. You are enough. We want to showcase what makes you a one of a kind and capture it for the world to see


Oh yeah, about me....

Hey lady, I'm Erica! I've always pulled to doing hair and the beauty industry, even as a kid. After graduating high school I started hair school and just followed the path from there. Got licensed as a cosmetologist, became a cosmetology instructor, built my own clientele and eventually began my own business. I've always enjoyed doing hair and talking with people. I'm a people person so doing something that makes women feel good about themselves became the best kind of side effect.

I am a vocal proponent of marriage equality, inner beauty, and not getting lost in society's ideals of what is beautiful. I believe in setting your own standard of beauty and being the most amazing and authentic version of yourself. Inside and out. After all, beauty starts from the inside right?

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Where we've been...


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My wife and I decided to try Silver Immersion not only for their amazing portfolio, but also for their open support of the LGBT community. We were pretty early in our wedding planning and we were as indecisive as anyone could probably imagine, so please believe me when I say that Erica makes magic. She can take 1/18th of any idea that you have and make it everything you want. She made sure that we were happy and comfortable and she was a pretty great spirit to talk to. We only used Silver Immersion for hair, but they have air brush and traditional options for makeup as well. Their work is amazing and the pictures really speak for themselves.
— Helen R.
In addition to being able to swoop in to our rescue at the very last minute (THANK YOU!) when another vendor wasn’t able to accommodate my procrastinator wedding party, Christine and Amanda made us all look GORGEOUS! So gorgeous, in fact, that they managed to squeeze in even one MORE last minute makeup service! We all looked amazing all day—I kept staring at myself in the mirror, looking at the most beautiful version of myself I had ever seen :P I was especially pleased with how they did my mom’s hair and makeup—Christine and Amanda did a great job making my ladies and I into beauty queens, while still keeping a light touch with my mom, who prefers a low-key look. Everyone’s hair and makeup lasted all day, including the blowouts (how is this even possible?). I can absolutely recommend these ladies!!
— Amanda W.