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about us

about us

Well hello there! Erica here. So you want to hear about me and how Silver Immersion got started? I’m flattered. Here goes..


Hair was my entry point in the vast and colorful world of beauty. I remember being dedicated to my hair even as a kid. I had a ton of it, and rather than fry it by using tons of heat I used to sleep in hard plastic magnetic rollers to get my curls. Crazy right??

I knew back in high school what I really wanted to do, but my mother had other ideas. Still, after graduation, I pursued my cosmetology license and began to work in salons just like everyone else. I even tried my hand at being a cosmetology instructor, where I had the chance to help shape the knowledge base for budding stylists. And it made me realize how sadly homogenous the hair industry still is, even in the midst of our world visibly becoming such a melting pot. In my teaching, I encouraged my students to push the boundaries and say to hell with their self-imposed limitations. It was here that I realized my love for educating and sharing information, especially with the artists around me. So as time passed and I began to learn about the wedding side of the beauty business, I saw the potential to make a huge impact. I saw how underrepresented many women were in the existing on-site beauty companies. And I was inspired.

I knew I wanted to do things differently and introduce services to wedding parties that included all races and ethnicities. I wanted to accommodate the wide array of hair types and textures, a diversity that is rarely serviced, let alone sought in “typical” on-site hair and makeup companies. I wanted to cater to a diverse clientele that saw themselves reflected in me and in my business. And with that mission, in April of 2008 Silver Immersion was officially born.

I began on my own, but the more clients I booked, the more inquiries followed. To address the growing demand for diverse wedding beauty services, I enlisted the help of some of my friends and fellow stylists to service more beautiful clients in Maryland, DC, Virginia and surrounding areas. Christine, still one of my artists to this day, was the first on board with me and the first person that believed in me and my vision for my brand. Her faith in me supported me through many learning curves. I’m so fortunate that there have been others along the way that continue to believe that showing our wonderful clients how beautiful they are on the inside is just as important as how we dress them up on the outside. And I’ve found that our true purpose as artists, and why what we do is so important, became clear without me even realizing it:

– We service a wide variety of clientele, with all kinds of hair textures and ethnic backgrounds, confidently and skillfully.
– We see each person as an individual and not a “type” to give them the best possible service.
– We encourage each client to embrace what makes them different and help to cultivate their individual vision of beauty – after all, it’s their day!
– We service all couples equally, regardless of any jerk’s opinion that they don’t deserve the same opportunities and joyous celebrations in life.

I see the beauty in people and styles that some choose not to showcase in their idea of what a wedding looks like. I created Silver Immersion to serve those who choose not to embrace the stereotypical image of the “blushing bride.” Those that don’t fit into the mold of the “average” couple. And especially those that want the day that they celebrate their love to be crafted the way they want, in spite of anyone else’s ideas or opinions. The Silver brand celebrates diversity, individuality and freedom of choice. Every detail is yours and we’re rooting for you as you make the choices that reflect your style. We celebrate the awesome, amazing you!

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