Beauty and the Pinterest

I know it's been so busy this week and you've been squeezing in so many things. But you finally made time to schedule your trial and will soon have the chance to play with your hair + makeup. You have your inspiration pics ready right? Hold up, wait a minute(cue 90's song insert here) don't have any inspiration photos? 

Oh, honey I got you covered! Enter Pinterest. 

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I think it can give you a wealth of options AND save you time. And this is what we all want. Think of it as your new favorite search engine.

Sometimes you can go down the rabbit hole of Google and still have trouble finding what you're looking for. So something like Pinterest can help you to narrow down your options and find specific details you're into. Plus it's image based, which is what you are looking for anyway.

Search terms related to your desired look, theme, colors, or even a celebrity's name. Then create boards for your hair, makeup, color, flowers, accessories, or anything else you want. That way you can save all the pins you find to boards to keep them organized and easily accessible for when you need them. Here's a few examples of boards we've curated to give you a place to start.

Here's two examples of our boards. We try to group them so it's easy to start your search with general terms like updos or dramatic makeup. The examples there can help you to decide if that's really what you're looking for or if you need to tweak your search terms. Sometimes what you think you want might be different once you really start your search, so keeping all your inspiration can help you to see its evolution along the way.

It helps to have someone to bounce ides off of and to help you with making your decisions. If you need some help taking your thoughts and translating them into your vision, just remember that we're here to help. Give us your thoughts and we'll get you going in the right direction.

Erica ~ Silver Immersion, LLC