So what do we stand for?

Marriage is an institution that has been around forever. But what does it mean to the modern day couple? It means a sounding board for your inner most thoughts and ideas. It is a safe space to share your truth that you can't give to everyone. It is a bond that transcends the physical. That is based in the authenticity of the soul. A place to be completely yourself without the threat of disdain or judgement. The basis of true love is found here, but can manifest in so many ways. How do you show love to your other half? How do you process the love you're given?

A few years ago I remember thinking about how we actively served same-sex couples, but that it wasn't talked about as prominently as I wanted on our site and other online presence places. And that was a problem for me. I never want a couple to feel like we will take their money and not stand for what is important to them. So despite the possibility of turning off some possible clients, I took the chance and began to speak openly and frankly in my business about how I personally felt. 

That all love is equal. That beauty comes in all shades. That love is the only reason why.

That need to be vocal and transparent about my feelings on marriage equality spilled over into the lack of diversity in wedding imagery around race, size and hair types and textures...the need to give a voice to those that don't see themselves reflected as a standard of beauty. For those that felt like their love wasn't enough or as valid. So many feelings came spilling to the surface and I was more than willing to speak my truth...which happened to be the truth for countless others that had maybe gone silent from being tired of not being heard. No longer was I willing to contribute by being quiet.

So our 5 Core Values were born.

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Our guiding compass around how we services our clients and guide the brand. This is our why. And for those that may not agree, then we may just not be the company for you. And that's ok. But, for those that disagree with our stance and aren't willing to have open and honest dialogue around having differences of opinions....please take your closed mind elsewhere. We will continue to stand proudly for what we believe in and support the right for people to love openly and freely in their truth.

Love doesn't come in different weights. It is equal regardless of the opinion of some. It is an act of true courage to love freely and fully in an age of such fear. Deciding that you won't deny your emotions so you can live fully in the light...this is bravery. I am in awe of those that won't be contained by race or sex to condemn true love. I love the power and emotion in this. I am part of an interracial marriage and know first hand that it isn't always easy. But my love is worth fighting for.

Believe in your inner beauty so it may shine through.

Know that you are enough and unique in the best kind of way.

The special parts of you are what make you beautiful.

You do not need to be someone you're not to be acceptable. You are enough. And for those that want more, then they don't deserve you. 

Everyone is unique and we want to celebrate what makes us different. We cater to all hair textures and skin tones so everyone can enjoy being pampered. Beauty comes in all shades, textures, and sizes.

Screaming to the world who you love is a right not a choice. Everyone is treated equally...everyone and their love is important and valid.

Tell me how you stand in your truth and support #truelove and #truebeauty

Erica ~ Silver Immersion, LLC