Wedding Day What??

People get such a kick out of some of the wedding day antics we experience. And some of the ways we get involved that we had no idea were coming. We show up to do hair and makeup and somehow life happens. 
Some things are downright hilarious, and some have you looking around like "Wait...what just happened??"

Wedding day what blog post photo

Once we had a beautiful bride with a great group of friends for bridesmaids. Laughter, fun...all the good stuff wedding mornings are made out of. Everyone was on time and now getting dressed was next on the agenda. So the bridesmaids began to get ready. Sounds fine right?
Yep...until you realize they all went back to their rooms to get dressed and there was no one in the room to help the bride her dressed but me and the makeup artist. Well guess what?? We didn't get her all gussied up to just leave her high and dry. So we both held her dress, helped her step in and zipped her right on up. 
Pretty simple thing, but sometimes the simple things can make a big impact. 
No one was stressed, she was super easy going about it (she really didn't mind her girls weren't there...she just knew she couldn't get in that dress by herself) and everyone was ready, relaxed, beautiful and on time. Boom! That's the whole point. There's very little I won't do on a wedding day for my brides. Help steam dresses. Lace up bridesmaids dresses so everyone's curves are on point (hey, if you're going to wear a corset wear the hell out of it!). Hold babies and give them some cuddles. And these aren't part of my job description. But they are part of my human code. I'm empathetic and sensitive af so I am a people pleaser by nature. But it's by choice. I like to help and doing it on the wedding day means I get the opportunity to add a random good deed to my service list just because. And I'll keep doing it as long as there's a bride somewhere that needs a little something something. 

Erica ~ Silver Immersion, LLC