So remember when you said...

It's always interesting to hear things differently that you've heard said so many times before. Something that just becomes background noise, but you never really tune in to it. You just don't listen. But eventually, you hear it a little bit differently. And something happens...  

You know when the lightbulb goes off and it finally clicks in? It's like somebody just hit a switch and BAM! And it all makes sense to you. This is the place where you're getting it. 

It’s cool to play a role sometimes. Dress up a little differently. Try a new hair or makeup look. Maybe even have a little sexy time with your love. But no matter what role you play, there you always are.

Underneath it all, it’s always you. 


Your wedding day is a day full of memories and experiences you are creating for a lifetime. So just like any other day, you should choose to be you. Who better to be?

You are making history. Your history. This is where you are making magic by simply being. And it is absolutely something to be celebrated. Without question. Shake it up and be proud of how amazing you are! Because there's no other way to make your mark except by being the awesome, amazing individual staring back at you from the mirror. So there is no one else to be but you.

But that doesn't mean you can't have fun. Experiment. Make it all kinds of fun! You can play with your look and have fun as much as you want...but you want to know that the woman who is looking back from those eyes full of excitement in the mirror is familiar. She's just another version of you. We all have different sides of us and it's fun to put on a new persona for a bit.

But underneath it all, it’s always you.

You want your love to have to catch their breath when they see this radiant version of you. But notice I said “version of you”. You’re not wearing a mask. You are still you. You are a limited edition ma'am and I need to see all that beautiful soul in all its glory!

Be true to yourself. Be the most beautiful version of you on your wedding day and every single day. We try to remind you of this on the regular on Instagram, so be sure to let us know if you need an extra dose or two :-)