Don’t Cover Up, Let Your Inner Light Shine

When we think of makeup, we often see it as a tool for covering our imperfections. We think “I have to cover up these bags under my eyes,” or “I have to even out my complexion.” Why do we have to be so cruel to ourselves? I’m a believer in doing the things that will make you say, “I look and feel amazing!” It’s so much kinder to yourself to view makeup as a confidence boost, a way to highlight what’s already beautiful about you.

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Let Your Inner Beauty Shine

After working behind the chair with a diverse clientele for almost 20 years, I have seen and helped beautiful women that struggle to see the radiance that so clearly shines right from them. After getting my cosmetology license, I tried my hand at being a cosmetology instructor where I had the chance to help shape the knowledge base for budding stylists. I came to realize how sadly homogeneous the hair industry still is, even in the midst of our world visibly becoming such a melting pot. I wanted to impact those beauty standards by creating a company focused on inclusion, diversity, and equality, and where women can celebrate what makes them unique and special.

I created Silver Immersion to serve those who choose not to embrace the stereotypical image of the “blushing bride.” Those that don’t fit into the mold of the “average” couple. And especially those that want the day that they celebrate their love to be crafted the way they want, in spite of anyone else’s ideas or opinions. The Silver brand celebrates diversity, individuality and freedom of choice. Every detail is yours and we’re rooting for you as you make the choices that reflect your style. We celebrate the awesome, amazing you!

Every woman needs to know how beautiful she is and where that beauty comes from. It is not dictated by any societal indicator such as race, color, creed or financial class. Or her damn weight! Know that you are made of a melange of amazing character traits that make the beauty that is you.

Tiffany Lumpkin