You are Not Your Makeup

I often hear the phrase “sometimes I feel like I look too made up with certain looks because I barely use makeup most days.” We hear this so often that we almost expect it from a lot of our clients! We get it. Makeup isn’t a significant part of everyone’s day-to-day, so it feels odd to wear more than you typically think of wearing. You feel less like yourself and more like you’re wearing a mask. Well, I’m here to tell you that your makeup should never make you feel like you’re hiding who you really are—it should celebrate the beauty that’s already there for everyone to see and experience!

You are not your makeup.png

Perception is Reality: Focus on How Your Makeup Makes You Feel

If you feel uncomfortable wearing a certain style of makeup (for instance, wearing a liquid liner when you’re used to brushing on a hint of mascara in the morning and calling it a day), odds are you won’t feel good about the reflection in the mirror after a different look has been applied. What we want to focus on as your beauty experts are what look and makeup application makes you feel amazing, strong, name it, we want you to have all the positive feels. That’s where everything comes together and we create a look that isn’t just well-applied makeup and hair; it’s a reflection of how you want to feel and how you want others to see you.

How do you want to feel for one of the biggest moments of your life? Ask yourself that before finalizing your hair and makeup. Too often I see women visit us who are visibly uncomfortable and trying to mold themselves into who they think they need to be for their wedding. Instead, why not focus on what makes you happy and confident in your own skin?

What Makeup is and What Makeup Isn’t

Here’s the thing: makeup is meant to express yourself, express who you are and compliment you just like any other accessory (like your favorite necklace). Makeup isn’t meant to turn you into someone else, to hide yourself away, or a tool for fixing anything about you. Make sure your makeup works for you and highlights what you love about yourself, not hides away the pieces of yourself that make you feel self-conscious. There’s nothing to fix, but so much to celebrate about you.

Tiffany Lumpkin