I’m Erica and I work with one-of-a-kind women who want to look and feel beautiful while still being their authentic selves. 

Listening to your thoughts and desires will get you to a place where comfort and beauty meet. I believe every woman deserves to look as beautiful as they feel on the inside. 

Oh me, well here’s some fun facts…

  • I’m an avid music lover that loves concerts and finding new goodies on Spotify

  • The term foodie doesn’t quite do me justice. I could wander through Trader Joe’s for hours looking for new and different stuff

  • I’m a goofball and often threaten to stand on my head on the day of to make my brides laugh 

  • I’m a mama bear to two little people that make my heart soar, but I’m also fiercely protective of those that I hold dear. I’m a die-hard kinda chick