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Your Skin Care Regimine

I recently had a friend call me asking for advice for a new foundation. The most recent one I’d recommended, Cover FX Custom Cover Drops, had left her feeling dry despite the fact that this particular formula is designed to be mixed in with your skin care. She wanted a foundation that was more moisturizing as her skin was changing and she was starting to see more dry patches and less luminosity. I asked her about her current skin care since that seemed to be where the solution would be, rather than finding a good foundation that would double as a moisturizer/miracle cream. She informed me that she’d been using something that was an intense night cream that felt similar to Vaseline.

At this point, I nearly dropped the phone but instead chose to scold my poor friend (sorry) for treating her skin so poorly. I looked up the product she mentioned and, sure enough, the key ingredient to be Petrolatum…so Vaseline. The main problem with her using this particular “moisturizer” is that it’s not in fact a moisturizer. Petrolatum acts as a barrier between your skin and the environment. Its main job is simply to lock in existing moisture but does not provide any itself. In an effort to educate my friend as well as other people out there, I’m going to tell you how to properly care for your skin.

Obviously you’ll want to take these as suggestions and not as a rule. Not everyone is going to have the budget or time to select all of these items.

You’ll want to start off by removing your makeup. This is different than cleansing your skin as most products will not effectively do both. Face wipes, eye makeup remover, a cleansing balm, or a micellar water can be used. My favorites are cleansing balms like Clinique’s Take The Day Off or Micellar waters like Bioderma. They’re a bit more expensive but I’ve found that they’re the most gentle and less irritating.

Next you’ll want to actually cleanse your skin. You should select a cleanser that is alcohol free and formulated for your skin. I love an oil cleanser for this step such as Boscia Makeup-Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil because the skin doesn’t feel stripped of moisture afterwards. Some other favorites are Glam Glow’s Cleansing Mud and Origins Checks and Balances. I use my Clarisonic when cleansing 3-4 times a week but it can be used more or less if you’d prefer.

Twice a week you should follow your cleanser with an exfoliating treatment. I prefer to use a chemical exfoliant rather than a physical exfoliant, which can cause small cuts and irritate your skin. I love Amorepacific Treatment Enzyme Peel because it’s really gentle but you can feel the difference as soon as you pat your skin dry. Another great option is the Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Facial Peel Pads. You can also DIY some great face masks using ingredients in your kitchen.

After cleansing (or exfoliating) you’ll want to use an alcohol free toner. This step will remove any traces of cleanser or hard minerals in your water. Toner is very personal and should be selected based on your specific skin needs. My acne prone skin loves a tea tree oil toner or one with salicylic acid. A glycolic acid toner is always a good choice as it will promote skin cell regeneration and can help with a multitude of skin conditions from reducing wrinkles, acne scaring, or hyper pigmentation.

Your toner should be followed up with any treatments you may require such as acne cream for skin that is broken out or a wrinkle treatment containing Retin A. A serum may be used in this step as well. Serums are different from moisturizers because they have smaller molecules than moisturizers that allow them to penetrate the deeper layers of your skin. A serum is not meant to replace a moisturizer as it contains nutrients that will allow your skin to absorb your moisturizer better.

After your serum is applied, you should apply your eye cream. The skin around your eyes is different than the skin on the rest of your body. It’s the thinnest skin on your body and is incredibly delicate. It also does not contain any oil glands and gets more of a workout than any other part of your face. It’s no question why your eyes tend to show our age first. A retinol eye cream will help your body produce more collagen to keep the skin in that area strong and smooth out wrinkles. Eye creams containing caffeine can help reduce puffiness and bags under your eyes.

Lastly, you’ll need to use a great moisturizer. This is a crucial step and one where it’s worth the splurge for better ingredients. Moisturizer stays on your skin longer than any of the previous steps and is necessary for everyone – not just for those with dry skin. Oily skinned people tend to think that stripping the skin of oil will keep them matte throughout the day and will skip moisturizer only to find that their skin is an oil slick halfway through the day. You need to replace the moisture; otherwise, your skin will go into overdrive producing excess oil in an effort to replace the moisture you’ve taken away. A lightweight gel or lotion moisturizer that is oil free will benefit oily skin. Someone with drier skin should use a richer cream moisturizer. My favorites include Embryolisse and Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream.

I know this seems like a lot of steps but it should really only take about 10 minutes and the results will be worth it. Your skin will be more plump and healthy and your makeup will go on smoother and last far longer. You’ll likely find that you need less foundation and concealer as well. Enjoy!