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Your wedding is coming!

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It'll be here before you know it. It's time to play and talk and have fun with your look! You want to look like your best self. Still recognize the person in the mirror. You're looking for a place that will help guide you to looking beautiful and feeling amazing! Hey lady guess what, you can have it all!

You’re a unique woman looking to find your comfort zone with your wedding day beauty. Do you ever just need to feel like someone is listening to your needs and wants? Gets how you want to look and feel?

Oh, you’re in just the right spot, beautiful!

That's where we come in....


Ready to show your true beauty to the world?

Let's have fun with hair + makeup to show off the awesome spirit of who you are!

Are you ready to…
* Feel beautiful and relaxed on your big day?
* Enhance your natural beauty and look like your best self?
* Enjoy and have fun with your look? 

Perfect. We’ve got you.

Listening to your wants, needs, and desires to find your true style. Guiding you so you can feel like the best version of yourself. This is our gift to you.

You made me feel like my best self on one of my happiest days, by treating me like an individual, listening to what I wanted, and having fun playing around with me.

Here's How It Works...


Every wedding is different, so we want to know how yours is unique! Sharing details help us to guide you with how we could best serve you and provide an amazing experience for everyone involved.

You’ll collaborate with us through your HoneyBook workspace to keep everything organized and streamlined. This makes it easy for you to communicate any changes or requests that come up along the way as well as take care of payments and all the details.


Next, you’ll meet with us at our studio location for a 90-minute session to meet with your artist and work through what your day of beauty vision looks and feels like. Taking time to learn more about you helps us to take your personality into consideration so every aspect of your look feels like you.

We’ll go over day-of logistics, begin discussing your timeline, and lock down details like location and the list for services. 

Your big DAY

It’s that time! Your artists will show up to your place ready to make everyone beautiful while keeping you stress free. Bringing your vision to life.
Your touch-up bag will make sure your look will be picture-perfect throughout the night.

You’ve planned the perfect it’s time to go eat, drink, and be merry!




Here's the rates for you and your party. All rates are per service. We'll create your package based on the number of people and the services you need. Nothing extra.



For You

Client Hair or Makeup - $200
*Includes lashes, touch-up kit, 
and the choice of airbrush or
traditional makeup application.

For Your Ladies

Attendant Hair or Makeup - $100
*Includes lashes. Airbrush
available as an upgrade.

Flower Girl(9 & under) - $40


Airbrush Upgrade - $25


Hair Trial - $100
Makeup Trial - $100
*Held on Tuesdays at our studio in Catonsville
By appointment only




Want to get some style inspiration from photos of our clients?

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Here’s what you get with your Hair + Makeup Package:

  • Lashes for all(except the kids of course)!, because they make all the difference in photos. And, well...why not?

  • Touch-Up Kit, so you can blot any shine and reapply those lips after all those toasts!

  • Airbrush included for you , because you’re the bride! Love it? We can also add it on for your girls.

  • We come to you, so you can stay in the comfort of your home or hotel suite and enjoy the experience.

Our brides say...

"They made my wedding day stress free and I was very satisfied with my hair and makeup."

"The artists helped me with all the last minute details of getting dressed and placing my veil and helped to try and calm my nerves."

"In addition to her fabulous hair and beauty talents, she was so much fun to be with while we were all getting ready and really added to the celebration."

"By the end of it I felt as though we were all friends.

"... was so flexible on the day – providing tips for hair, suggestions on styles, fitting in another person for hair last minute – and was great company for an anxious bride."

"I looked even better than I hoped - and everything lasted despite the fact that I was dancing (and sweating) all night."

" they were a ton of fun and laughed and joked like one of the gang while working their butts off (I had a large bridal party), and even made room for some late breaking "me-too-please" ers."




Our Values

We believe strongly in 5 core values for our clients, as well as our approach to life. Here is our why and where everything begins and ends.


Love doesn't come in different weights. It is equal regardless of the opinion of some. It is an act of true courage to love freely and fully in an age of such fear. Deciding that you won't deny your emotions so you can live fully in the light...this is bravery. I am in awe of those that won't be contained by race or sex to condemn true love. I love the power and emotion in this. I am part of an interracial marriage and know first hand that it isn't always easy. But my love is worth fighting for. Tag your love and tell them how spectacular they are.
Believe in your inner beauty so it may shine through
Know that you are enough and unique in the best kind of way
The special parts of you are what make you beautiful
You do not need to be someone you're not to be acceptable. You are enough. And for those that want more, then they don't deserve you. 
Everyone is unique and we want to celebrate what makes us different. We cater to all hair textures and skin tones so everyone can enjoy being pampered. Every color that makes up the rainbow of beauty is embraced and revered here.
Screaming to the world who you love is a right not a choice. Everyone is treated with the same respect...all are more. No one is less. All love is equal.


Marriage is an institution that has been around forever. But what does it mean to the modern day couple? It means a sounding board for your inner most thoughts and ideas. It is a safe space to share your truth that you can't give to everyone. It is a bond that transcends the physical. That is based in the authenticity of the soul. A place to be completely yourself without the threat of disdain or judgement. The basis of true love is found here, but can manifest in so many ways. 

How do you show love to your other half? How do you process the love you're given?

Book your trial...tell us more details about your big day...or even book your services. Send us a note with the form below and we'll get in contact ASAP to get the ball rolling!