Your Best Self

Hey there beautiful! We are a team of hair and makeup artists based in Catonsville, MD ready to bring beauty and ease to you on your big day. We have been in business for over 9 years and love making people feel good on the inside about what they see on the outside. After all, what makes you beautiful is already there. We see the beauty in diversity, confidence and the courage to be yourself. This is why we celebrate you!

Silver Immersion does hair and makeup. But it's so much more than that. We're all about your beauty, and it starts from the inside. I mean, that's where your fiancé found all the awesome things that make you you right? And where your bridesmaids find that "thing" that's bonded you together over the years. It's what makes your smile so bright. Your eyes so warm. Your hugs so comforting. Your comments so witty. Showing off what makes you unique is the only way to do it.

Our concierge services cater to serve those who may not adhere to the stereotypical image of the “blushing bride.” Those that don’t fit into the mold of the “average” couple. And especially those that want the day that they celebrate their love to be crafted the way they want, in spite of anyone else’s ideas or opinions. The Silver brand celebrates all manners of beauty, individuality and freedom of choice. Every detail is yours and we’re rooting for you as you make the choices that reflect your style. We want to curate your big day style while gifting you with ease. 

So let's start the process at the beginning....tell us what you love about yourself? Click the Book Now button above to start the conversation today.

In addition to being able to swoop in to our rescue at the very last minute (THANK YOU!) when another vendor wasn’t able to accommodate my procrastinator wedding party, Christine and Amanda made us all look GORGEOUS! So gorgeous, in fact, that they managed to squeeze in even one MORE last minute makeup service! We all looked amazing all day—I kept staring at myself in the mirror, looking at the most beautiful version of myself I had ever seen :P I was especially pleased with how they did my mom’s hair and makeup—Christine and Amanda did a great job making my ladies and I into beauty queens, while still keeping a light touch with my mom, who prefers a low-key look. Everyone’s hair and makeup lasted all day, including the blowouts (how is this even possible?). I can absolutely recommend these ladies!!
— ~Amanda W.

Every woman needs to know how beautiful she is and where that beauty comes from. It is not dictated by any societal indicator such as race, color, creed or financial class. Or her damn weight!

Know that you are made of a melange of amazing character traits that make the beautiful mess that is you. And make no mistake, we all have our messy moments. And they stem from being honest even when it's not the popular thing to do. Being vocal when others would have you stay silent. Being authentic when it is easier to be the status quo. Being messy brings courage to the surface and allow you to stand in your strength. Sometimes you have to make people uncomfortable to be comfortable with yourself. And as you do that, remember that when it comes from a unifying place of equality and love it does not take anything from anyone else. And don't let the ignorant tell you that it does.


The qualities that make you beautiful don't come on the ass of a pair of jeans. It isn't stitched into your Victoria's Secret bra or printed on a t-shirt. It is inside of you waiting for you to trust yourself enough to let it loose. Believe in yourself and let your beauty be undercover no longer. Be the strength you hope your daughters grow up with. Be the example of a woman whose self worth is not defined or threatened by another. Show our sons that this is the kind of woman they should seek. Give the middle finger to constrains and be the example of your best self!!

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This is about you. What makes you one of a kind. Your love. Your memories waiting to be made.

Showing women why their individual beauty is important and magical is why we do this. You are unique. You are amazing.

Your beauty is the only standard. Let’s prove it together.